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ArcSeer is a community-based online project that aims to promote a new approach to the representation of archaeological spatial data. ArcSeer allows archaeological projects who want to provide online digital access to their spatial data a license-free set of tools and the guidance needed to get the most out of them. The ArcSeer environment has been designed in such a way as to afford its end-users an experience that approximates the real-world phenomenon without attempting to ‘trick’ the end-user into believing that the representation is the original reality. Archaeological sites can be ’visited’ by the user in their new online setting and they can be appreciated not only in themselves but also in the context of their wider environments – as ArcSeer promotes the idea that archaeological sites are intrinsically linked to the surrounding landscape and that any representation of such sites should take this into account.

To get a quick overview of the system please click here.

Once you have acquainted yourself with the ArcSeer methodoolgy, we would recommend that you jump straight in and try out the user side of the system. But first you will want to know how to use ArcSeer and so we would recommend that you click on the Help link and run through the quick primer. Then click on the Sites link and trial-run one of our sample sites. As the community of ArcSeer partners grows, it is hoped that this list too will grow with time. If you are interested in becoming a partner yourself, please click on the Partners link and follow the instructions given. The Forum section allows the ArcSeer team, ArcSeer project partners and most importantly the end-users of the system share their problems, thoughts and ideas about ArcSeer. Finally, to find out more about the project, please click on the About us link.

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