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The ArcSeer partner community is made up of archaeological projects that use the ArcSeer system to store and represent their site spatial data. Here are some of the benefits that ArcSeer partners receive:

  • ArcSeer is an online system and this allows users gain access to their data wherever they are as long as long they have access to the Internet.
  • ArcSeer uses an innovative 3D VR environment as a user interface with which to host our partner’s site-data. The 3D world is modelled to represent the partner site topography and thus provides data access in a much more naturalistic manner than your typical database interface.
  • ArcSeer can be customised to allow tiered access to a project’s data. This means that project’s are able to select which types of data they would like to be made available to different user groups.
  • ArcSeer is open-source and this allows projects to expand upon the existing functionality themselves.

If you are interested in becoming an ArcSeer partner, please send an email to the address found below with a brief overview of your project and how it might benefit from the use of ArcSeer.

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